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Why am I Traveling?

July 1, 2015

I have always been considered to be stubborn and opinionated. I have some perspectives on things that I simply believe all the way to my core, and no matter what others say, I will probably never change my mind. More than anything, I have an unyielding confidence in my path in life. When I decide that a city, job, or goal is the one for me, nothing can make me change my mind, and nothing can convince me I cannot achieve it.

This isn’t because I think I have all the answers. As a matter of fact, this mentality comes from a faith in something much bigger than myself. I remember when I first read the Alchemist, and the boy was explaining how he would see things and just know that it was an Omen or a sign for him to follow. Maybe it’s just the INFJ (myers-brigg personality type) in me that makes me trust my intuition so deeply, but to me, I’ve always felt I’ve been walking a path that has been laid out for me with a purpose that is bigger than myself. As Paulo Coelho writes, “the same hand that writes a person’s life story also writes the history of the world.”

I am a person who has made most of my biggest life decisions after what felt like a sign (or an omen). Joining Teach For America (a teaching program for inner-city youth), moving to Los Angeles, CA, moving to New York City… all decisions made because one day I saw something related to that thing/place, and I just knew it was the next step.

So, why am I traveling?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to see the world. I’ve wanted to go everywhere and see everything. If I were to explain the reason why with my heart I would probably end up telling you how I’m in love with the beauty and wonders of the world. I would tell you that it’s the intersection of life’s simplicity and complexity that creates my hunger for discovery and sets my mind on fire. If I were to explain why with my brain I would tell you how I believe that everything is relative. And that one can only fully understand a thing (person, city, country, idea) if they learn more about the wider environment. Thus, to understand my world in America, I want to learn more about other worlds as a means of putting things “into perspective”.

Regardless of what reason I choose, the most honest answer is that I feel called to travel, and I deeply believe that this experience is necessary for my life’s path. As I have traveled these past two months, I have done a lot of thinking on what I am gaining from this experience as well as what I’ve aspired to gain. As far as I know, quitting your job to travel on no one else’s schedule but your own is the freest someone can be, and I believe that what someone chooses to do with that degree of freedom tells you a lot about that person. So, as I have now traveled through Japan, Bali, and Vietnam, and make plans for the rest of my time abroad, I have been focusing on what I am learning from my experiences as well as what I have learned from my own decisions, thoughts, actions, and choices.

Why am I traveling? I could give you a million reasons, but the truth is that I’m still answering that for myself. I hope in the meantime, we both can enjoy the ride and let that mystery be solved when the time is right.

Justin Sankara

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